HIV/AIDS Propaganda Poster

雑誌TIMEで取り上げられてて見つけた広告。これはドイツのある広告代理店が始めた公共広告のキャンペーンで「AIDS IS A MASS MURDER」(エイズは大量殺人者)というコピーと共に、 大量殺人の象徴としてSEXをしているヒトラーの肖像を使ったもの。このキャンペーンではヒトラーの他にもサダム・フセイン、ヨシフ・スターリン等の悪名高い歴史上の人物が使われ、同時にコマーシャル映像も制作された。




[AIDS is a mass murder]


This is HIV/AIDS propaganda poster created by German Design Agency. I found it through the Time magazine article. Their concept, the tag line is "AIDS is a mass murder", and they used Adolf Hitler's face. They also used other historical people who have bad reputation, Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin. TV commercial is also created.

And now, there are a lot of criticism about this campaign. Most of them have negative opinions: "It is probably possible to call HIV virus as Muss Murder Virus, however is it really good idea to use Hitler's face for this campaign?", "If you were HIV positive and saw this ad, what would you think?", "Do you call AIDS patients as Mass Murder, even though they were blood infection?", there are a lot more opinions from both sides. Commercial film seemed too aggressive, so it was removed from the YouTube.

In my opinion, it seems pretty bad to show these posters for the people who have already infected with HIV, but, I think it strongly works for the young generation. And today, every second, four people are dead by HIV virus in this planet, so I think this aggressive campaign is might be necessary and realistic compare to the "put the condom" advertisements. Despite a lot of negative opinions, having a lot of discussion itself is actually the most important thing for this kind of issue. Well, anyway, it would never published here in Japan, though. There are strict rules about advertisement, unfortunately.

You can check other posters and commercial film from the link below.

[AIDS is a mass murder]

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